Don-Bur Box Vans

Don-Bur box vans include box van trailers, box van rigid bodywork and box van de-mountable bodywork.

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Box Van Trailers

DON-BUR's expertise in designing and building GRP Box Van Trailers is extensive.

They pride themselves in being able to offer individual solutions whatever your requirements and their trailers feature prominently in the major dry freight fleets. DON-BUR is also recognised as the market leader for garment carrying Box Van Trailers.


As well as premium specification GRP Panels to withstand load impact, the high tensile mini-beam design chassis utilises the inherent strength of the box construction to provide cost effective weight savings.

The heavy duty deep pressed pillars, aesthetically pleasing "Blind Fixings" and large radius cappings are all examples of excellent build quality; ensuring longevity and a continuous high level of performance at competitive prices.


  • Excellent return on investment
  • Higher residual values
  • Greater body strength
  • Low maintenance
  • Single, Tandem or Tri-Axle with rear steer options
  • Straight/ Step-Frames or Urbans
  • Insulated options available
  • Maximise your operational efficiency

Optional lightweight panels reduce trailer weight and increase payload potential.

DON-BUR Box Van Trailers can vary from 7.5 to 13.6m in length, with either straight or low-profile max cube step-frame chassis. They have 1 to 3 Axles and are fully compatible with fixed double decks and DON-BUR Lifting Decks.

Box Van Trailer Examples

Tandem Axle Boots Tandem Axle
flow through skirting Flow through skirting
Option: retractable tail-lift Option: retractable tail-lift
Option: Cantilever tail-lift Option: Cantilever tail-lift
Impregnated colour for lasting durability Impregnated colour for lasting durability
Specialist garment carriers Specialist garment carriers
Urban options available Urban options available

Box Van Rigid Bodywork

As with the GRP Box Van Trailers, DON-BUR's experience in designing and building GRP Rigid bodywork is well proven and they pride themselves in being able to offer competitive bespoke solutions whatever your freight requirements.

Curtainsided Rigid Closed

The rigid box van range varies from 4.3 to 9.2m length, 7.5 to 26 tonnes in weight, and suit 4x2 or 6x2 axle configurations.

Curtainsided Rigid Open

  • Premium specification GRP panels
  • Optional lightweight aluminium panels
  • High load impact resistance
  • Extensive galvanisation
  • "All bolted" subframe construction
  • Large radius cappings with invisible fixings
  • Lightweight build options
  • Temperature controlled options
  • Excellent build quality
  • Consistent high level of performance

Box Van Rigid Examples

NHS with column tail-lift NHS with column tail-lift
Heavy-duty Subframes DHL: stainless steel rearframe
Allied Bakeries: Full print livery reproduced in house Allied Bakeries: Full print livery reproduced in house
Argos: 7.5T Argos: 7.5T
TJ Morris: split paint effect TJ Morris: split paint effect
Gist Gist
Holland And Barrett Holland And Barrett full print livery