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Maple Shutter Freightlock

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Maple Shutter Freightlock

A highly robust, reliable and secure locking system, Maple’s FreightLock has been used extensively by security conscious fleet operators for more than 35 years.

Uniquely, FreightLock is powered pneumatically, which delivers a powerful locking action and more consistent performance. The patented locking mechanism is fitted on the inside of the load area for a more covert installation and optimum protection against attack. The position on the inside of the load area also facilitates a cleaner environment for the lock to operate in, aiding greater reliability.

In operation, the door locks automatically when closed, which means the driver cannot forget to lock the door (when it’s closed, it’s locked) and therefore eliminates the use of padlocks or manual locking applications which can otherwise be ignored or misplaced.

FreightLock can be supplied with a range of access control options; including high security KABA 20 locking cylinders, keyless battery free transponders or the fully integrated Maple IQ platform (featuring electronic sealing capabilities, remote access control and web based key management software).


  • High security design featuring heavy-duty locking mechanism
  • Suitable for rigid box vehicles or trailer shutter doors
  • SlamLock operation means doors lock automatically upon closure
  • Pneumatically operated for reliability and powerful locking action
  • Internally mounted locking cylinders for optimum load area security
  • Single or multi-point locking options
  • Available with a KABA 20 key system, battery free transponder or Maple’s intelligent access control IQ platform
  • More than 35 years, proven in service operation
  • Environmentally tested from -40°C to +60°C
  • User friendly operation




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