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TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

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TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

TPMS can save you thousands of pounds in fuel and breakdown costs. As an investment in your trailer fleet, effective tyre pressure monitoring delivers year on year savings, as well as improved efficiency and safety.

Reducing Breakdowns

Roadside tyre failure is the biggest preventable cause of breakdown in commercial vehicle fleets. Punctures frequently go unnoticed until a breakdown occurs. Early warning from a TPMS means preventative tyre maintenance action can be taken before any permanent damage casued to the tyre. Wasteful down time is reduced.

Blowouts and Fires

TPMS can give a warning before a blowout or tyre fire. Blowouts are invariably caused by a tyre being over-stressed. Heat builds up, the side-wall begins to de-laminate and eventually, the tyre fails. Whether caused by soft tyres, binding brakes or bearing problems, TPMS can give an alert long before overheating becomes critical. As a result, TPMS virtually eliminates the danger of a blowout or tyre fire.

Saving Fuel

Fuel use increases dramatically if tyres are under-inflated, so maintaining correct pressures is really important. TPMS sensors check pressure and temperature every few seconds while the trailer is in use, and adjustable alert levels mean that a clear warning is given for any divergence from the optimum pressures.Year on year fuel savings can be achieved.

Saving Time

Some systems continue to even monitor while the trailer is uncoupled, so tyre status is known even before the trailer is loaded and allows to you to get ahead of any tyre issues, which could cause a delay to the trailer leaving on time

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