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EN 12642-XL Sticker

EN 12642-XL

There are 3 key European Standards documents relating to the securing of loads, including EN 12640, EN 12641 and EN 12642 (L & XL).

Don-Bur can offer trailers and rigid bodywork compliant to EN 12642-XL, including the full range of standard curtainsiders, double decks and rigid bodywork.

EN 12642-XL DIY test

EN12642-XL is a load containment rating and may not be sufficient on it's own to comply with the UK DVSA requirements.

EN Standards

EN 12640:2001: Securing of Cargo on Road Vehicles. Lashing Points on Commercial Vehicles for Goods Transportation: Minimum requirements and testing

The document specifies the minimum requirements and test methods for lashing points fitted to commercial vehicles and trailers with flatbed body construction of maximum total mass above 3,5 t and intended for general use.

EN 12641-1:2005: Swap bodies and commercial vehicles - Tarpaulins - Part 2: Minimum requirements for curtainsiders

This Standard specifies minimum requirements for the strength and attachment of curtainsiders tarpaulins used on swap bodies and road vehicles for goods transportation.

EN 12642:2006 L & XL: Securing of cargo on road vehicles - Body structure of commercial vehicles - Minimum requirements

The document specifies the minimum requirements and test methods for the body structure, e. g. side walls, end walls on commercial vehicles and trailers with a maximum total mass over 3,5 t.

The Standard allows for two types of trailer structure: L and XL. For the L-type, the curtain should not see any loading. A trailer designed and tested to the XL-type can utilise the curtain to provide a degree of load containment. The strength of the structure is proved by calculation, static testing and dynamic (driving) testing.

"Unless they are purposely designed according to EN12642-XL, the curtains of curtain-sided vehicles MUST NOT be considered as part of any load restraint system. If the curtains have been designed as a restraint system, the load capability should be clearly marked on the vehicle – if no mark can be seen, then it should be assumed that the curtain has NO load-bearing function.

Similarly, where vertical inner curtains are fitted and they are not purposely designed for a specific load, they also MUST NOT be considered as part of the load restraining system. Curtains and vertical inner curtains should be considered purely as a means of containing within the vehicle any small, loose items that may have become dislodged during the journey."

What do you need to know?

Don-Bur has published two documents about EN 12642-XL. The Guide refers only to the standard itself and how it is achieved. The Brochure focuses more on compliance and how the standard is interpreted by the DVSA.

en12642-xl guide

en12642-xl guide

Further information about load restraint and EN 12642-XL can be found in the documentation section below.

EN 12642-XL Testing

This video demonstrates tests carried out for Double Decks, standard single decks and urban trailers.