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Delta Flooring


A wide range of flooring can be provided for standard trailers, double deck trailers and rigid bodywork dependant on requirements.

Phenolic-coated Plywood

This type of composite flooring panel is constructed from layers of laminated plywood (from renewable forests) with a phenolic anti-slip coating. Phenolic coated ply comes in a range of thicknesses to suit your operation.

Phenolic coated plywood flooring has become commonplace due to its cost-effectiveness and durability.

phenolic coated plywood floor

Aluminium Overlay

In operations where wheeled stillages are loaded and unloaded, any type of wood-based floor can quickly deteriorate.  By laying an aluminium sheet over the top, this extends the floor life significantly.

Example shown with a barleyseed anti-slip pattern.

aluminium overlay flooring

Sacrificial Flooring

Despite all efforts to prolong floor life, some heavy operations will undoubtedly wear out their floors faster than others.

In the brewery industry, this is expected and it is common to incorporate a cost-effective sacrificial plywood layer (atop a Keruing hardwood base) that can be easily replaced after a few years without the expense of replacing a standard floor.

sacrificial flooring

Bonded Flooring

Bonded floors are, as their name suggests, bonded to the cross-bearers rather than fixed with screws.  This process has two key benefits.

Firstly, due to the nature of the bond, the floor forms a stronger part of the vehicle structure and you can reduce the amount of steelwork elsewhere.  This can be very useful when achieving super-lightweight trailers or rigid bodywork.

Secondly, a bonded floor is particularly suited to loads that are susceptible to scuffing, such as paper reels. As the floor is bonded underneath, there are no fixings sitting proud to damage the load.

bonded flooring

Omega Flooring

Omega flooring is a particular heavy-duty option.  The hardwood boards are interspersed with steel channels which provide the maximum resistance to damage and wear.

omega trailer floor

Keruing & Laminated Hardwood

keruing trailer floor

Keruing flooring consists of lengths of treated hardwood planks in a thickness to suit your operation.

trailer laminate flooring

Laminated hardwood flooring differs from standard Keruing flooring in that each laminate plank tends to offer greater strength.

Onedek & Bakadek

These two flooring types both comprise aluminium planking.  Bakadek differs from Onedek in that it incorporates logitudenal neoprene "skids" which are suited to some operations.

Due to their aluminium construction, they are lightweight and provide an excellent surface to clean using jet wash equipment.

bakadek aluminium flooring