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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Health & Safety is of primary concern and getting the vehicle specification right is commonly an evolutionary process.

On this page, we highlight some of the features used to overcome or mitigate risk.

There is no doubt that every operator has unique risks associated with location, method or payload and Don-Bur will be happy to discuss any issues with you to generate a realistic and cost-effective solution.

Step Ramp

Provides ease of access to step area for both pallet trucks and cages alike. Example on the left shows an upper flip-up deck to provide generous head room.

lowered internal stepramp

⇧ Lowered stepramp

raised internal stepramp

⇧ Raised stepramp

Pownall Valve

Pownall Valve

⇧ Pownall Valve

Designed to complement the park & shunt valve system, a Pownall valve activates the mechanical park brake when the emergency line is disconnected. This effectively eliminates the risk of roll-aways on trailers that have not had the park brake applied.

Pownall Valve

⇧ Pownall Valve in place of standard park brake valve.



⇧ Fall-arrest strap

Many operations prevent any working at height, but for some, it is unavoidable. The fall-arrest system attaches personnel to a roof-mounted high tension cable, allowing them to work within the confines of the trailer, but will prevent serious accidents.


⇧ High Tension Cable

3 Points of Contact

3 point contact step

⇧ Slide-out heavy duty step

Don-Bur offer a variety of pull-out and drop-down steps, many of which provide a solid platform to stand on. When coupled with suitably positioned grab-handles, they offer an optimum of three points of contact for personnel at all times.

pull out step

⇧ Pull out step with platform

Curtain Grab Handles

Curtain Grab Handle

⇧ Curtain Grab Handles

Even with gloves, pulling a curtain can sometimes prove hazardous, especially in wet and windy conditions. The addition of grab-straps immediately behind the curtain provides a cleaner, safer hand-hold.

Buckleless Curtains

⇧ Applied to the buckleless curtain system

"Trombone" Door Retainer


⇧ "Trombone" door retainer

In high winds, doors can often cause damage. This feature simply and effectively keeps the doors secure in all conditions.

Door restrained

⇧ Door retained

Curtain Retainers

Curtain Retainer

⇧ Curtain restraint strap

If caught in the wind, curtains, buckles and curtain poles can be a serious hazard to personnel, the public and nearby objects. Simple curtain retainer straps ensure that open curtains are held captive during loading/unloading.

Curtain Retained

⇧ Curtain gathered at rear and restrained

Grab Handles

Recessed grab handle

⇧ Grab handle recessed in rear frame

When gaining access to the vehicle, it is important to provide adequate hand-holds for personnel. Don-Bur offer a variety of options, including 'monkey ropes' and recessed handles.

Extruding grab handle

⇧ Stainless steel grab handle extending from rear frame