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Blade Panels


A wide range of tail-lifts can be provided for standard trailers, double deck trailers and rigid bodywork including a variety of safety gates and access ramps to suit your operation.

Column Tail-Lift

column tail-lift closed


Column tail lifts are commonly used on rigid bodywork for secondary distribution. These lifts are ideal for smaller vehicles where there is limited space under the chassis.

column tail-lift open

⇧ Example shown with safety gates and access ramps to rear.

Tuck-Away Tail-Lift

tuck-away tail-lift closed


Tuck away tail-lifts require less stowage space than retractable tail-lifts. A split platform folds out and can be angled down at the rear for ease of loading roll cages and pallet trucks.

Tuckaways are not suited to low height double deck chassis.

tuck-away tail-lift open

⇧ Example shown with detachable safety gates.

Retractable/Slider Tail-Lift

Retractable/Slider tail-lift closed


Retractable tail-lifts always maintain a horizontal position.  The complete platform slides out from its stowed position and usually incorporates safety gates/ramps for access either from the rear or sides.

This type of tail-lift requires a long aperture from rear axle to the rear of the vehicle and is usually only suitable for trailers.

As the mechanics for the tail-lift sit under the chassis, they are not suitable for low chassis double decks.

Retractable/Slider tail-lift open

⇧ Example shown with hinged access ramps and flip-up pallet stops.

Cantilever Tail-Lift

cantilever tail-lift closed


Cantilever tail-lifts form part of the rear closure.  They are operationally similar to a tuck-away in that they have a tapered rear lip than can be angled down to suit easy loading of roll cages or pallet trucks.

cantilever tail-lift open

⇧ Example shown with hinged safety gates.

Two Tier Tail-Lift

cantilever tail-lift closed


When stowed, a two-tier tail-lift platform forms the upper rear closure.  During operation, this platform rotates outward through 90 degrees and travels from the upper deck of a double deck trailer to the floor and anywhere between the two.

Two-tier tail-lifts are ideal for box van double decks because of the ease of access for both decks and the platform stows neatly away when loading at the bay.

Interactive 3D Model

Box Van Double Deck 3d Model

⇧ Click to see how a two-tier tail-lift operates with a fixed Double Deck Trailer

cantilever tail-lift open

⇧ Example shown with hinged access ramps and hinged 'P' safety gates.