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Trailer Coupling Systems

Coupling a trailer is a hazardous task at the best of times. This page offers various solutions from the most basic to our award-winning safe ground coupling system which eliminates the need for the driver to access the catwalk.

Sliding 'Suzie' Coupling System ('Mavis' Rail)

The Don-Bur Sliding Coupling System reduces line tangling and strain when the tractor and trailer articulate by introducing a coupling plate that slides freely from left to right.

The system has been in operation for a number of years and has proven effective and durable.

sliding 'Suzie' coupling

Safe Ground Coupling System MK1

Launched in 2009, the Safe Ground Coupling System (Patented) rotates the coupling plate out to the side of the trailer at a drivers chest height. This simple concept eliminates the need for a driver to access the catwalk area and all the associated risks.

Patent Granted GB2467955

Winner or the Motor Transport Awards: Innovation

Winner of the IOSH Heath & Safety Award

safe coupling system

Safe Ground Coupling System MK2 ('LowGlide')

With elegantly simple mechanics, the 'LowGlide' Safe Ground Coupling System continues the same award-winning principle as the MK1 version but with a slimmer, low profile design.

As with it's predecessor, the coupling plate moves out and down to the side of the trailer, allowing the driver to couple all lines from ground level without putting him/her self in a potentially dangerous area.

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Patent Granted GB2507802

Standard Fixed Coupling

Fixed nose-box type ⇒

standard trailer coupling