Coretinium Panels

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Coretinium Panels

Coretinium is Tata Steel's latest state of the art product offering. The innovative new product is suited to a wide range of construction, office and general applications. It is also ideal as flooring and sidewall material for bus and trailer manufacturers looking to reduce vehicle weight.

It also offers a viable, lightweight and durable alternative for customers in the manufactured goods arena where it can be used in a wide range of applications.


Manufactured from thin gauge pre-finished steel that provides exceptional rigidity at a relatively low weight compared to commonly used alternatives.

This enables reduced vehicle weight lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


General applications

A unique and durable composite solution that delivers light-weight products and design innovation.
The combination of high performance Colorcoat® pre-finished steel and a rigid polymer honeycomb core Coretinium provides a highly aesthetic composite solution with exceptional rigidity to weight ratio.

Coretinium - The combination of two high performance materials

Core production technology

Coretinium utilises EconCore’s patented polymer honeycomb production process.

Relative to traditional batch produced honeycomb cores, the closed honeycomb cell structure of Coretinium increases the surface area for the steel skins to be bonded onto. This gives Coretinium interlayer adhesion levels up to twice those of other composites, ensuring Coretinium maintains its composite rigidity even in demanding load situations.

The smooth cell structure and optimised cell geometry also avoids surface dimpling (the golf ball effect) common with most thin skinned honeycomb composites. This core is then combined with steel skins in a continuous coil fed lamination process.

Ideal For Bodybuild

A unique and durable composite solution that delivers weight savings to the transport sector. With a combination of high performance Colorcoat® pre-finished steel and a rigid polymer honeycomb core, Coretinium provides a composite solution with exceptional rigidity to weight ratio that can help reduce vehicle weight, cut CO2 missions and increase payloads. 

The product consists of an in-house produced polypropylene honeycomb core laminated onto two pre-painted galvanised steel sheets. This results into a cost-effective lightweight composite sheet with a high & unique stiffness to weight ratio. The combination of steel’s high E-modulus for the skins, with the honeycomb’s bi-directional rigidity creates an highly efficient material solution. 

Coretinium is supplied as a flat composite sheet in lengths ranging from 2.5-10 metres at a standard thickness of 10mm



Product information

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