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Blade Panels


GRP faced plywood has been the default panel type in the UK for decades.  Despite being fairly durable, it's heavy, it deteriorates and is virtually impossible to recycle.  Today, Don-Bur offers many options, but which should you choose and why?  Do you specify the lightest, the stiffest, the most resilient to damage or even a recyclable option?

Specification Sheet

Below is a guide to all the available panel types:

  Standard GRP Omnia Carbofont D-B Technolite D-B Blade
Appearance GRP panel Omnia panel Carbofont panel Technolite panel blade panel
Material Plywood/GRP Polypropylene (PP) GRPR/PC Aluminium Polyethylene (HDPE)/Steel
Construction Soft, plywood core, faced with glass reinforced plastic Polypropylene honeycomb core faced with fibreglass reinforced polypropylene sheets Glass Re-enforced Polyester Resin skin with Polycarbonate delta core. Gelcoat RAL 9010 finish Aluminium honeycomb  core faced with aluminium sheets High density polyethylene (HDPE) foam core. Hot dipped galvanisation steel skin (80,000 yield hard steel). Polyester baked paint.
Weight (kgs/m²) 16 4.8 8.35 7.4 11.8
Thickness (mm) 20 30 20 20 7.5
Surface Finish (Graphic decals have superior adhesion to smooth surfaces.) Smooth Dimpled Textured Gloss Smooth Gloss Smooth
Skin Sheet Thickness (mm) 1 0.7 1 1 0.5
Skin Fixation Strength
Rigidity Scale
Acute Impact Resistance Grade
Environmental Effect Moisture ingress into plywood leading to eventual delamination and core deterioration. Rigidity is affected by variances in heat.  Material also affected by UV light. Material affected by long-term UV light NIL NIL
Damage Degradation Water ingress into plywood leading to delamination, surface deterioration and rot. As above As above Subject to surface oxidisation if paint surface is broken. Self-healing zinc skin.  Subject to oxidisation if galvanised surface is broken.
Flammability Self fuelling active flame. Self fuelling active flame. Includes glass retardant. High heat resistance.  Rated as slow burning. Melting point 660°C  Auto-extinguishes
Recyclability Not recyclable Due to the mixture of compounds these plastic types are hard to recycle and not generally recycled in the UK De-Lamination required. Due to the mixture of compounds these plastic types are hard to recycle and not generally recycled in the UK Smelts to pure recyclable product. Low cost process. Steel skin can be smelted. Polyethylene core is commonly  downcycled in the UK
Absorbency Moisture content fluctuates between 8/12% at time of milling to 30%.  Trailer can fluctuate in weight by +/-240kgs 0.03% 0.1% NIL < 0.01%

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