DHL Makes Don-Bur Teardrop Standard

Leading logistics firm DHL Supply Chain says Don-Bur's Teardrop™ trailer has now become "standard spec" on all new trailer orders unless there is a compelling operational reason otherwise.

David Potter, DHL Supply Chain's vice president of operations for UK and Ireland, says that the company has just begun trialling 10 refrigerated versions of the trailer for one unnamed customer, with another due to go on the road as a test unit for all its major food retail clients.

Potter adds:  "It's our standard spec now - it has to be a Teardrop™ unless it doesn't fit the contract."

Trailer supplier Don-Bur has also started a refurbishment programme on DHL's existing trailer fleet, which will convert an initial batch of 35 units into Teardrop™ models.

The trailers are all between five and seven years old and will have extra safety features added to them in the rebuild, including DHL's Safe Susie Coupling system.

Potter says that the cost of the refurbishment varies according to the condition of the trailer, but on average is around half the price of a new trailer; pay back is between six and nine months, he adds. In addition, he cites the green element of 'recycling' the trailers as a benefit.

He estimates that 70% to 80% of its 10,000 trailers in the UK will be Teardrop™ models within a decade or less.

Potter adds: "If we are going to reduce our carbon emissions by 30%, then we have to take these bold steps to make that happen."

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