DON-BUR Launches Fuel And CO2 Calculator for Commercial Fleets

DON-BUR has, for some time, provided a free Carbon Emission Calculator on their website which was produced initially to assist customers understand the CO2 implications of aerodynamic features for their commercial vehicle fleet. More recently, they have worked with Freight Best Practice to improve and refine the calculator and converters and are now pleased to announce that the system has been accredited by them on the 5th November; Indeed, it has now become one of the most widely used vehicle carbon emission calculators available on the internet and is highly ranked by major search engines such as Google.

Richard Owens, Marketing Manager for DON-BUR explains, “We were pleasantly surprised by the number of individuals visiting the page. The initial system was relatively simple; offering basic feedback that was designed to assist buyers to understand the benefits of various aerodynamic products, such as the Teardrop™ trailer. After careful review, the calculator now produces detailed, unbiased, precise information, based on figures entered in a simple entry form.”

The on-line CO2 and Fuel Calculator uses accepted methodology and conversion ratios provided by DEFRA. It has the ability to work out (for 1 or a fleet of vehicles running on diesel or petrol) litreage consumed, fuel cost, CO2 emissions, payback periods and even the number of new trees required to offset any CO2 emitted. In addition, a simple comparison can be made between vehicles to determine variances.

To support the system, DON-BUR also provides a bulk UK diesel price chart, covering history and trends over the past 18 months.

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