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Don-Bur Launch The Teardrop MK2

Don-Bur Launch The Teardrop MK2

Originally launched in 2006, the Teardrop™ concept has already become a well-proven product that generates fuel savings anywhere between 3% and 19.82% in operating conditions (11.3% average see case studies).

After working with Coventry University, using the latest CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software, Don-Bur has now developed and launched the Teardrop™ MK2.

Currently under trial, the Teardrop™ MK2 has some radically altered features in order to improve airflow, which include a new skirting system, new tubular under-run and a futuristic rearframe design: all designed to reduce drag.

Completely enclosed skirting (open access to axles area) to prevent sub-chassis interference drag.
Partially enclosed, easily removable wheel covers.

Standard 385/55 R22.5 Tyres
Rear skirt air scoop which re-directs poor quality airflow into rear low pressure area.
One-piece, large diameter tubular under-run bar; incorporating all lighting and other fitments.  The open area allows free flow of acclerated air created by the skirt scoop to flow unhindered. Due to it's construction, it will withstand far greater impacts than the more standard rectangular or tubular construction. Example shown with compression buffers.
Tapered sides at rear with air inlets built into large radius rear-frame.
Air outlets on the inside of the rear-frame direct airflow into the rear negative pressure area that creates drag.

Running at just 4.325m overall height and a generous 2.138m rear aperture height, the Teardrop™ MK retains the 10% greater cube than a standard 4.2m Box Van Trailer and is hoped to achieve an average of 15% fuel saving (currently under trial).

Richard Owens, Marketing Manager at Don-Bur says "Nothing on the commercial vehicle market is as advanced as the Teardrop™ MK2.  Fortunately, we are using tried and tested motor vehicle technology that has been available for decades and we look forward to seeing the trial results."

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